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“Herding sheep is our dharma rather
than a mere occupation,entrusted upon
us by the divine.”
~Neelkanth Mama ,a Deccani sheep herder from Unch gaon village of Belgaum district of Karnataka.

Shepherds across Maharashtra, Karnataka ,Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have,for centuries,shared an intimate relationship with their traditional 
Deccani sheep,its wool,manure and meat.Predominant amongst shepherd
communities of the deccan,the Dhangars, Kurubas, and Kurumas –all children
of the same god–are held together by their black Deccani sheep and stories of their origin.

The small and hardy deccani sheep are adept at making the long , thirst-filled,post-monsoon voyages to the Krishna or Godavari river basins while some others of their ilk make it to the western ghats.They ruminate and fertilise vast tracts of lands as they move ; and even today , farmers along the pastoral tracks , await their annual arrival.

The Deccani shepherds begin their tryst with sheep and wool very early!